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Week 6 MOOC I
It has been awhile...I believe that some even call it a hiatus. You were willing to accept the challenge before, are you willing now?

Lord Yama with Minions by Center4EduPunx, on Flickr

ENA... Epistemic Network Analysis

It's a Recon Mission

Is this strategy we should be considering? Should we be assessing learning happening in games and simulation is through epistemic network analysis.

We looked at Epistemic Games in Week 4.

Here's a quick read to review. Epistemic Games Are the Future of Learning, Letting Students Role-Play Professions

Could this method of assessment be useful in your content area?

What learning theories are informing it?

ENA (Epistemic Network Analysis) video

For a more detailed look - Epistemic Network Analysis : A Prototype for 21st Century Assessment of Learning

To report on your mission go here.