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Week 6 MOOC I
Welcome back!

This week we are looking at Games & Assessment. To get you started...

Halls of Origination 4 by Center4EduPunx, on Flickr

Are you here looking for your mission reports? There are several this week - assessment in games, badges, epistemic network analysis and the hunting down and assessment of the most elusive prey - learning in a MOOC.

Other are taking a more connectivist approach. If you are taking that connectivist approach, please take a look at the reading and resources - skim the material to get a basic understanding; then pick what you find interesting, intriguing or contentious to look at further. Then please tell us what you think and what you'd like to discuss further. Post in the forum or write it up on your own blog and post in discussions.


Intro to Week 6 - Very Short Intro - video

On Tuesday at 9 am MST, we did a livestream with Dr. Monica Geist, Assessment Specialist, FRCC WC Campus Faculty Senate President and Math Faculty. "Asking the Right Questions" for Assessment in Games video.

Slideshare for Asking the Right Questions


James Paul Gee on Grading with Games

Edutopia - Schools Use Games for Learning and Assessment

It Takes A Guild: A Guild of Educators segments
Immediate Assessment in Game from Mellody Collier, State and Federal Programs Director, Howley, Texas Video 15:50 min – 23:35 min.

Wicked Problems and Complex Systems in WoW from Beverly G. McCarter 46:15 -59:20 min.


James Paul Gee - Good Video Games and Good Learning

Valerie Shute and Fengfeng Ke - Games, Learning and Assessment

Quick Reads

Edutopia - Game-Based Learning to Teach and Assess 21st Century Skills

To Checkout

What Can We Learn About Assessment From Video Games? Blog and Video